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No matter what your project needs are LPS has it covered:

INDUSTRIAL: Insulated Metal (IMP) Panels, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) panels, Insulated Standing Seam Roof (ISSR) Panels, Stainless Steel Insulated Panels.

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COMMERCIAL: Structurally Insulated (SIP) Panels (also known as Stress Panels and Sandwich Panels), Insulated Standing Seam Roof (ISSR) panels, and Insulated Metal (IMP) Panels.

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RESIDENTIAL:  Structurally Insulated (SIP) Panels (also known as Stress Panels and Sandwich Panels) and Insulated Standing Seam Roof (ISSR) panels.

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Laminated Panel Systems (LPS) Welcomes You!

Laminated Panel Systems is your local Insulated Panel manufacturer, distributor, and installer, providing our customers with quality products and a variety of solutions to save you time and money while at the same time insuring your project is accomplished with the highest quality possible. Whether it’s an industrial, commercial, or residential project Laminated Panel Systems  can handle all of your needs from beginning to end. With our attention to detail, Laminated Panel Systems stands out as unique in our industry.